И со свечкой искали они, и с умом,
С упованьем и крепкой дубиной,
Понижением акций грозились притом
И пленяли улыбкой невинной


"Завелась" на дневниках. Посмотрим. Все предыдущие попытки завести, а главное, вести дневник всегда кончались полным провалом. Меня позвали, я и пришла. Что из этого выйдет - науке неизвестно. Пока все:smiletxt:


Собиралась все написать, что-нибудь нормальное, со смыслом... Ну, да ладно. До смысла мне, как до Луны.
Поэтому - вот. Продолжаем сходить с ума по-прежнему.
Day 01. Favorite regeneration of the doctor
Day 02. Favorite female character
Day 03. Favorite male character
Day 04. Favorite episode from Season 1
Day 05. Favorite ship
Day 06. First Who episode that you ever watched
Day 07. A character that you feel the need to defend
Day 08. Favorite episode from Season 2
Day 09. Favorite friendship
Day 10. An episode that makes you cry
Day 11. Favorite member of the cast
Day 12. Favorite episode from Season 3
Day 13. A character you didn’t like at first
Day 14. Favorite finale episode
Day 15. Favorite piece of music
Day 16. Favorite episode from Season 4
Day 17. Favorite villain
Day 18. Favorite season
Day 19. A character that you want to know more about
Day 20. Favorite episode from Season 5
Day 21. Favorite special
Day 22. Favorite quote
Day 23. Favorite cast pictures
Day 24. Favorite episode from Season 6
Day 25. Favorite crossover
Day 26. The moment you fell in love with Doctor Who
Day 27. Favorite fanvid
Day 28. Favorite character that only appears in one episode
Day 29. Favorite off-screen/behind the scenes moment
Day 30. Who do you think should be the next Doctor?


Ok, let's get started! (Вряд ли это кто-нибудь читает, могу с тем же успехом писать по-английски).
So, Day 1: Favourite regeneration. Rather obvious, I think. It's Ten. David Tennant. The man, who did the impossible - turned me into a fangirl. You know, with screaming, fawning, stupid giggling, goofy grinning, dreamy sighing etc. - classic. I like him anywhere: Blackpool, Recovery, Single Father, Fright Night, Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, Bedtime stories for CBeebies)) - thank you, Youtube! His mere presence makes me smile like a loon. (Yeah, I know: without comment).
As for Doctor Who, that doesn't mean I don't like Christopher Eccleston or Matt Smith (I've seen all the New School series, but none of the Old School - I intend to rectify this in the near future). I certainly appriciate them - they are the Doctor! But they don't make me feel like the Tenth does. His eyes are truly the mirror of his soul: his sorrow becomes my sorrow, his lonelyness - my lonelyness, as his regret and pain and guilt. Also his inquisitive, enthusiastic nature, constant wonder and openness to every new person, new creature, new adventure make me look at the world around me from a different angle. For me he's not a warrior or a revolutioner or lover or a !Merlinforbid! playboy, but a true scientist and explorer of the universe which makes him irresistably attractive and somewhat of an ideal to me.

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Day 2: Favorite female character

Well. No questions here too. The marvelous, fabulous, fantastic and brilliant - Miss Donna Noble! She was there for the Doctor when he needed her the most, she stopped hin and slapped him and ridiculed him and cheered him up and made him laugh... and ran along. She was his best mate. And then she forgot... and broke my heart.

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Day 3: Favourite male character

Well, not day 3 exactly. But... am I bovvered?
As to the question - of course, our impossible, incorrigible Captain Jack Harkness (aka John Barrowman=)))). The man with the most contagious smile I know. And I won't forgive them if they don't bring him back for the anniversary. He absolutely must meet River Song. The Doctor owes him at least a kiss after the Children of Earth.:yes:

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The Angels Take Manhattan

Ok. That was unexpected - but I cried. I guess, it was like in Doomsday with Rose - I didn't like her character too much and honestly started to get tired with her. And now it's time for Amy and Rory - I was really waiting for them to leave! - but it hurt nonetheless. It was also very good episode. It's really strange, how Moffat can wright brilliant episodes - with plot and emotions and heartfull dialogues and pauses and armosphere - but can't make it last for the whole season. I mean it's the first time in 1.5 season that I became interested in characters, I started to worry about them, to take them seriously. Obviously, there are bunch of questions left and many little inconsistent things as always - but, as it says, "never apply logic to Who".

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Day 4: Favourite episode Season 1

I thought really hard about this but frankly I'm not much into Season 1. I quite like The End of the World and Dalek, while I'm not the big fan of Slitheen or living plastic. I enjoy all the episodes with capt. Jack and of those, obviously, The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances are my favourite: they are scary, they are funny, they have wonderful storyline and dialogues.

- Who would look at screwdriver and think, 'Hm... It could be more sonic'?!

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Заказала себе футболку на teefury. Bad Wolf! Да еще и в стиле art nouveau! Надеюсь, ее довезут ко времени выхода рождественского спешла :crzfan:

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Feeling under the weather

В смысле, простужаюсь. Как-то совсем некстати сейчас. Закуталась в одеяло, ем куриный суп, потом буду пить горячее молоко. Как всегда, когда нужно, никаких лекарств под рукой.

P.S. слушаю John Barrowman's playlist на youtube. :song:

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Это было замечательно. Как приятно было увидеть воочию так много таких же, как и я, двинутых воодушевленных людей! Вместе, как-никак, сходить с ума всегда веселее. Спасибо Karupin, что вытащила.

Одно но: там не было Торчвуда! Come on! На Слеш!slash!коне! не было Барроумена! Я, конечно, понимаю, что пейринговать по канону никому не интересно, но все же.:bubu: Зато узнала много новых имен)) Анимешные я даже не пыталась запомнить, но и остального там хватало. Правда, человек я совсем не телевизионный, точнее, совсем даже книжный, и доберусь ли когда-нибудь до просмотра хоть чего-то по прозвучавшим многочисленным фандомам, науке не известно.

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Сегодня, точнее, уже вчера был день рождения у сестры - 25, однако.

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Чайное мороженое

Была в этом кафе у Покровских ворот всего один раз, очень понравилось. Дороговато, конечно, но очень приятная атмосфера, к тому же книги! и чай! и мороженое! :D

@музыка: Adam Lambert - Naked love

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London: Day 1

The 17 of June, Monday.
As they say, 'Ponedel'nik - den' tjazhelyj'. So, after sleepless night (second in a row), about 4 hours in the air and 3 hours' wait in the Amsterdam's airport - I am in Heathrow, Terminal 4. AND THEN THEY LOST MY BAGGAGE! I half-consciously filled in some official forms, was informed that it will be delivered to my hostel when they find it. Fortunately, the hostel was easy to get to. Of course, the room is tiny and general layout is somewhat confusing (got lost a couple of times), but there is a real bed and a real shower - at the moment, a-dream-come-true! Then I lose my phone :((, find it :)), get some food - after 18 hours without, and that burger was absolutely ingenious))) - and some sleep. At last, I crawl out of my hole to explore. Walked around Camden Market and Regent's Channel, then went to a local superstore, bought pajamas, plug adapter to charge my phone and some necessary toiletries, all the way wondering how long I'd have to manage without my goods. It was starting to get darker but I didn't want to return yet and walked further through Regent's Park to Baker street and then back to Camden. Now I understand that it's not really average district, probably rather high-class, nevertheless I should say these tiny-mini gardens are beautiful: they are everywhere, just several pots, some flowering bushes or a simple flowerbed - but it's all so tasteful, color-oriented, thought-out and just pretty! I pretty much had a visual feast :)

P.P. Today found this Internet spot near British museum, hopefully I'll soon add some photos.

@музыка: Paloma Faith - 'Just be'

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Про Лондон - 1

Ok, почти две недели как дома, мысли понемногу укладываются в голове, и надо действительно что-то написать.
В целом, очень странный получился experience. Обычно, путешествуя, ты отвлекаешься от повседневных забот и хлопот, получаешь много новых, экзотических впечатлений, что-то узнаешь, открываешь для себя. Здесь было по-другому. Почти как дежа-вю, или, бывает так, встретишь нового человека, а такое ощущение возникает после пяти минут разговора, будто знал его всю жизнь.
Или не так. В Лондоне мне было комфортно, до ужаса, до валяния в постели по полдня, до ежеутренних ритуалов "small cappucino, please" в Косте, а потом на автобусную остановку, ждать свой маршрут с неизменным "ойстером" в кармане, до вечернего "half Guinness, please" в пабе на первом этаже. И в то же время мне каждый день хотелось домой, потому что в кои-то веки в Москве было интереснее, в Москве ждала меня новая квартира, абсолютно пустая, абсолютно моя, а я сидела в Лондоне. А теперь я сижу в Москве и мне каждый день хочется обратно в Лондон. И, вообще, все машины едут не в ту сторону (точнее, не с той стороны)...

@музыка: Florence and the Machine - Never let me go

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про дантистов

з часа ночи. завтра сегодня вставать в семь утра и ехать в стоматологию, лечить зуб, который развалился у меня в последний день в Лондоне, перед отъездом. скорее всего, придется удалять нерв. как же я все это терпеть не могу, хуже ночного кошмара, честное слово. что угодно, только не лечить зубы ((((

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Through the Looking-Glass and...