Собиралась все написать, что-нибудь нормальное, со смыслом... Ну, да ладно. До смысла мне, как до Луны.
Поэтому - вот. Продолжаем сходить с ума по-прежнему.
Day 01. Favorite regeneration of the doctor
Day 02. Favorite female character
Day 03. Favorite male character
Day 04. Favorite episode from Season 1
Day 05. Favorite ship
Day 06. First Who episode that you ever watched
Day 07. A character that you feel the need to defend
Day 08. Favorite episode from Season 2
Day 09. Favorite friendship
Day 10. An episode that makes you cry
Day 11. Favorite member of the cast
Day 12. Favorite episode from Season 3
Day 13. A character you didn’t like at first
Day 14. Favorite finale episode
Day 15. Favorite piece of music
Day 16. Favorite episode from Season 4
Day 17. Favorite villain
Day 18. Favorite season
Day 19. A character that you want to know more about
Day 20. Favorite episode from Season 5
Day 21. Favorite special
Day 22. Favorite quote
Day 23. Favorite cast pictures
Day 24. Favorite episode from Season 6
Day 25. Favorite crossover
Day 26. The moment you fell in love with Doctor Who
Day 27. Favorite fanvid
Day 28. Favorite character that only appears in one episode
Day 29. Favorite off-screen/behind the scenes moment
Day 30. Who do you think should be the next Doctor?