The 17 of June, Monday.
As they say, 'Ponedel'nik - den' tjazhelyj'. So, after sleepless night (second in a row), about 4 hours in the air and 3 hours' wait in the Amsterdam's airport - I am in Heathrow, Terminal 4. AND THEN THEY LOST MY BAGGAGE! I half-consciously filled in some official forms, was informed that it will be delivered to my hostel when they find it. Fortunately, the hostel was easy to get to. Of course, the room is tiny and general layout is somewhat confusing (got lost a couple of times), but there is a real bed and a real shower - at the moment, a-dream-come-true! Then I lose my phone :((, find it :)), get some food - after 18 hours without, and that burger was absolutely ingenious))) - and some sleep. At last, I crawl out of my hole to explore. Walked around Camden Market and Regent's Channel, then went to a local superstore, bought pajamas, plug adapter to charge my phone and some necessary toiletries, all the way wondering how long I'd have to manage without my goods. It was starting to get darker but I didn't want to return yet and walked further through Regent's Park to Baker street and then back to Camden. Now I understand that it's not really average district, probably rather high-class, nevertheless I should say these tiny-mini gardens are beautiful: they are everywhere, just several pots, some flowering bushes or a simple flowerbed - but it's all so tasteful, color-oriented, thought-out and just pretty! I pretty much had a visual feast :)

P.P. Today found this Internet spot near British museum, hopefully I'll soon add some photos.

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